From the Experience felt from the Team at CTV Television

I've only had the opportunity to use the Creative Talent Bank on two occasions and I am already impressed with their professionalism, efficiency and ability to deliver the voice I needed at a price that fit my budget. In the case of one project, the client had very specific demands and more than once complicated the situation by making last minute changes. The Creative Talent people were able to respond quickly and deliver the voice over in time to meet a very tight deadline. Most important of all, the client was happy with their work. My experience with the Creative Talent Bank leaves me with no doubt that I will continue to use their service, particularly when I have to deal with demanding clients.

Rick Williams
Television Commercial Writer Producer.

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At Creative Talent Bank, we like to get into the kitchen of the client's business. We visit anything that might be getting stale and make sure you're working with the freshest ingredients. We taste, we measure, we analyze their company and recreate it to be even better. We work closely with clients to develop an understanding of their needs. We're problem solvers, working side by side with our clients to choose the perfect package for their needs to create a meaningful and unique message.


We recognize the unique needs of every client. Each one has different philosophies and ambitions. Our collaborative approach to media communications allows us to choose the most appropriate industry experts for every project. No need to try and save money by utilizing limited resources. No more wasting money by using the same mundane procedures as everyone else. We save money on overhead by partnering with other industry specialists, and pass that savings and expertise on to our clients. Our roster of talented experts allows the client the versatility to have only those services that are required to tell their story and deliver it to their chosen media.


Our clients don't have to be caught in a flooded market place using the same voice and message as everyone else. Change doesn't have to be complicated. We simplify the process. With a wide variety of industry professionals at our fingertips, we choose the right specialist for our client's requirements on an individual per project basis. We select only the services needed to create a distinctive package that represents a true and unique reflection of their vision. By working closely with our clients, we make sure their needs are met through every step of the process.


Consumers are people. They have a tendency to tune out repetitive messages. The same videos become a blur. The same voices become blah, blah, blah. The good news is that there is no reason why every client has to use the same talent. By using a variety of industry professionals from voice artists, script writers, web designers, videographers and more, we can create a unique message every time. Good communication is about relating to an audience, getting their attention, and holding it long enough to get your message across.