Why Choose Creative Talent Bank?

Creative Talent Bank provides narrowed down top options for client consideration, saving time to coordinate and not listen to dozens of voice over. CTB sends through their top recommendations based on project requirements and client feedback, as well - CTB coordinates your talent to receive the highest quality files, and can facilitate/organize voice recording sessions with the talent and client with a quick turnover to get the exact tone and final deliverable required for the project, therefore moving the project through pre-production quicker.

- Marie Laderoute
Production Manager
Go 2 Productions

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For quotes or inquiries, email us at info@creativetb.com

Here is a sampling of some of the CTB team members:

Bertman - Talent Coordinator

He has the awesome job of finding the voice you need for your project and working with the talent to produce the sound the way you want them to. He has been behind the board running the mixing since 1990 making the track sound right. When the request comes in he will go through our massive talent bank, evaluate the choices and get back to you with a maximum of five high quality options that you will have a hard time deciding on. If you want something, feel free to give him the challenge, looking for a specific voice style, need a unique tone, character style, age group or whatever pops up when you deal with our sales and creative team and he will find that voice, the challenge makes his job...just that more interesting!
Providing Your Voice! auditions AT CreativeTB dot com

Gerry Forbes - Creative/Voice over Talent

A broadcasting veteran starting a long successful career in 1975. His creativity has been well recognized in the Calgary Sun writing as well as on air, remote, and in studio sessions in front of a microphone. He has been given 2 Golden Ribbon Awards, Radio personality of the year and creative writing and voice work awards.
Gerry's role with Creative Talent Bank is creative and voice over work. If you have ever heard him behind the mic on his morning show you know he looks at life with a pair of glasses that are a different color. He has been known to go the extra mile in every stage of his presentations and brings the focus to what matters as he tackles the story in many ways that are interesting and unique. He will be inventing and supplying the great ideas and messages you want to send to perspective customers in your presentations. With his efforts he will bring your message to the audience loud and clear, there will be no mistaking people knowing who you are and appreciating the message you deliver to them.
For that out of the box thinking contact Gerry AT CreativeTB dot com and we can discuss your vision and set you apart from your competition!

Ron Dickison - Marketing/Producer/Voice over Talent

He will promote CTB, produce talent from the scripts given and will be the voice for any clients that choose his unique voice. He has been in marketing since 1984, voice over work since 1996 and has been bringing the companies he's serviced a sizable return due to his exceptional work ethics and dedication to the products and services he has represented. He is known as an over achiever who puts his heart and soul into what he believes in. In the year 2011 he tried his hand at producing and found a true passion for bringing things out in people they didn't know they had themselves.
Reach out and feel the passion! Ron AT CreativeTB dot com

Laura Creative - Design/ Art/ Vision/ Editing

She will handle a wide variety of your projects and bring the color to light, help design the graphic ideas working with our associates. She has been in the art industry for a long time and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. With her art background, she looks at projects with the perspective of image, presentation and uniqueness that separates images. She handles aspects of the creative with the team and lends an artistic side to the visions presented giving the projects a unique and innovative feel. With her background she makes the call on some of the editing that is required with the projects to ensure we have covered the representation we are trying to achieve.
Working for the artistic side of your vision, contact info AT CreativeTB dot com

Christina Ho - Administration/Data Entry/Tech Buddy/Voice over Talent

Christina handles the administration for CTB, building and designing presentations, assisting with technical aspects of the company, and is available in the voice over pool when selected. With her extensive background, she runs the gamut - from financial services to technology and website planning, all of them lovely charts and graphs with the rest of the presentation package. An organizer at heart, she keeps things running smoothly on the administration side, so if you've got a question give her a holler and she will guide you along... or just answer it.
Contact her at Christina AT CreativeTB dot com